All of Sword and Laser audio episodes are Creative Commons licensed and they're all available freely from episode 1 on up. But that doesn't mean it's always easy to get them.

John Kimtis found this to be true and decided to do something about it for us.  He took the first 40 episodes of the show and bundled them up as zipped files available as torrents. He got our permission, but he was already acting under the Creative Commons license so it's all good!

A search for "Sword and Laser torrents" will certainly turn them up.  But finding torrents out there in the wild Web is frightening. At Sean's suggestion I've taken the torrent trackers and put them in a zip file themselves available for download here.

WARNING: Sword and Laser did not make these trackers.  Dealing in the world of torrents and trackers ( as I do myself) is fraught with peril. DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU'RE WILLING TO TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT HAPPENS. Hopefully nothing bad happens at all, but torrent software and torrent search sites are well known for playing host to malware and scurvy ad practices.

If you're saying to yourself, "yeah yeah Merritt, I've used the Internet before, just give me the link already," then know you have been warned. 

Here's the link: Sword and Laser Ep 1-40