The Sword and Laser book club wants to shoot another season of video shows. Help them introduce you to great SciFi and Fantasy authors.

Back the show at our Kickstarter page.

Who the what? 

Since 2007, Sword and Laser has been the premiere online Science Fiction and Fantasy book club. 18,000 people are helping spaceship lovers discover the joys of dragons, and vice versa.

In 2012 we were lucky enough to be invited to do a video version of the show. Like so many things though after the first year the money went elsewhere. 

But Lem, our space castle dwelling dragon still slumbers on our set, hungering for more books. We must wake the dragon. With you we can.

We'd like to do more episodes of Sword and Laser's video authors guides. Like this one we did with Patrick Rothfuss. We could just do Google Hangouts, and if this Kickstarter doesn't fund, we probably will. But we'd love to do the better-looking, richer, dragon-infested version we did last year.



To do that we need money for studio space, cameras, lights, editing and of course our own time. If you'd like to see Sword and Laser video return in all its Space Castle glory, and you have a little to spare, why not kick in a few bucks. We've gathered some cool rewards for you as well! 

If we meet our goal we'll commit to six episodes with six different authors to premiere sometime in 2014. We'll have a stretch goal of more episodes as well. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We're not traveling at light speed here.

Seriously. Please back us. If not for us, do it for Lem the dragon.

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