S&L Book 4: Neuromancer

The votes have spoken, and William Gibson's cyberpunk epic Neuromancer has edged out the competition (beating Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by a mere 3 votes!).

From Amazon's review:
Here is the novel that started it all, launching the cyberpunk generation, and the first novel to win the holy trinity of science fiction: the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award and the Philip K. Dick Award [Ed. - Oh, the irony!]. With Neuromancer, William Gibson introduced the world to cyberspace--and science fiction has never been the same.

You can pick up the book in paperback form from the Sword and Laser Store (which helps to offset the costs of hosting), or at fine bookstores near you. Let's try to have the book by the the 1st of February so we can start the discussion!