#009 - The S&L Podcast: Unshapely Things

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Unshapely Things by Mark Del Franco

As compared to Dresden Files?

Let's turn to some forum comments from swordandlaser.ning.com!

terpkristin wasn't really excited about this choice but got it anyway she says "dang, that was quite a happy surprise. I think I'm going to get the next book in the Connor Grey series. Did anybody else have any expectations going in? Were you surprised (in a good way or bad)?"

Rick had the opposite reaction.  He was jazzed to read it but... "I read through it in three days, and while the read was quick and easy, it just struck me as a not very well done Dresden Files clone. I was so disappointed. I'm glad you enjoyed it, but for me, I won't be looking for any more del Franco books in the near future."

Sam! said "As far as this one went, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Fun characters and a story that hooked me. I was particularly fond of Meryl. Actually, without saying too much, I found his female characterizations to be almost unanimously stronger than his male cast (aside from Joe, perhaps). Also, I was really satisfied with the ending, but there was still enough left unexplored and unanswered that I want to know what happens to Mr. Grey next."

GeekDad_4WD - "I think he is setting up a whole series of books starting with this one. I did not think the characters were stiff or flat. I think del Franco is waiting for the next book or two to really develop them. And I enjoyed the allusions to a past planet/existence/world concept."

Jimbo - "The only real issue I have with the novel is that it hints at past events, the convergence and fey conflict in WWII, that I find far more interesting than the main story. There are so many possibilities for interesting plots in the convergence. I also want to know what a fey war would be like. Would it be just magic or would they use human weapons also? I want to know!"

Next Book?

A dictatorship! Oh yes indeed.

Also, Tom loves WoW.

#009 - The S&L Podcast: Unshapely Things