#010 - The S&L Podcast: OMG Bunnies!


Tales of Beetle the Bard to be published Dec. 4

She will donate all monies to the Children’s Voice campaign.  Amazon plans to produce 100 copies with the intention to duplicate the original look and feel of the book Amazon bought from her at auction for collectors that will go for $100 (recoup some of that money back) and the 157 page book will also have additional illustrations from the author. The standard edition will retail for $12.99

i09 debate: Magic vs. Science

Watership Down

First novel by Richard Adams
Published in 1972
Was rejected by 13 publishers but has never been out of print since first published.
Watership Down began as a story that Richard Adams told to his two children, Juliet and Rosamund, on a long car journey.
Based on he Private Life of the Rabbit (1964), by British naturalist Ronald Lockley
Anti-feminist?  Misogynistic?
Adapted into a film in 1978.
Also made into a TV series in the UK int he early 1990s and a theater production as well.

Ning Forum Reviews

Tayo - I just read "Feast of Souls" by C. S. Friedman and I cant recommend it highly enough. Fantastic. One of the most original new fantasies I have read since "Sabriel" by Garth Nix.

Simon - I have just finished reading the Terry Goodkind series 'Sword of Truth' and thought that I should tell you all that it was MEGA. Also if anyone has read this series then can you advise who to read next. I'm a bit stuck for ideas.


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#010 - The S&L Podcast: OMG Bunnies!