S&L Podcast - #88 - Titillate the Audience

The wine sort of gets to Veronica and she says some outrageous things, but not nearly as outrageous as what's going on in Rule 34.  What up with that? Ah well. If it's not Scottish it's crap.


V: 2005 Toasted Head Cabernet Sauvignon 

T: 2009 Les Portes de Bordeaux


Distrust That Particular Flavor: William Gibson's long-overdue essay collection

Photos from the first science fiction convention, 1937 

Science Fiction’s predictions for the year 2012 

Beyond the Wall exploring George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire



Sexist Fantasy Book Covers 

Who would you pick to make first contact? 


WB Sets Up ‘Ready Player One’ Rewrite From Eric Eason - Thanks Kev!

Masterpiece Mystery! - new Sherlock Holmes 


First Impressions of Rule 34

Scottish accent 


I may be old fashioned, but I have a pretty hard distinction between reading and listening.  I have listened to quite a few books but I always stumble over saying that I ""read"" the book.  I always say I ""listened to"".  
Yet, when I listen to S&L, it seems like you interchange these terms.  Tom has mentioned that he is ""x"" hours in to a book, does that mean that he is not reading it but listening to it?  Is there / should there be a distinction between these two mediums?  If I listen to a podcast, can I say I read it?  What if it had a transcript but I listened to the podcast?  Would it count then?

I recently finished reading The Hunger Games, which I did on the Kindle Fire.  I don't have an issue with digital books; actually I found out that I prefer it.  I recently heard 2 Jim Butcher books, which I also enjoyed.  However I would not say that I read the Butcher books or state that I listened to The Hunger Games.  
Am I goofy on this or do others have the same reaction?

Thank you,
Steven K


Hey guys, 
Just started listening to you guys recently and I like what I hear. I am impressed by how many books you guys can read so quickly. 

I do have a question for you. Most of my ""reading"" is done through audible.com and just made a startling discovery!!! My audible library is made up of ALL male authors. Each one is great and I am not lacking in Genre diversity, only in gender diversity. Being Female myself, it would be nice if my library would reflect that. So, with the exception of Anne McCaffrey ( i have plenty of her paperbacks), what female authors would you recommend? Spy thrillers is my favorite genre, but, I will take anything in the science fiction or fantasy novels. Classics are welcome too!! Please help before someone accuses me of being a sexist!! 


Veronica's Answer: Laurie R. King, Gail Carriger, Robin Hobb, Jacqueline Carey, Octavia Butler, N.K. Jemisin

Tom Adds: Andre Norton, Ursula K. LeGuin


Hey Tomronica and Veronitom! Just thought I'd ramble at you for a bit. Where to start? I've been listening to your podcast for a couple of weeks now and I love it! I remember someone making the comment about the magic systems of Brandon Sanderson being similar in his books. There's a good reason for it. All his books are in the same universe and each is a ""shard"" as he puts it.

I have a couple of book suggestions. On Basilisk Station by David Weber. It's the first book in the Honor Harrington series. Also Live Free or Die by John Ringo. It's the first book in the Troy Rising trilogy and they are all hilarious! You can get this book and all the others from the publisher Baen for free. I have no idea how that is pronounced.

I have a leftover gift membership to Audible and I have no one to give it to. I thought you guys could use it for a contest. The offer expires February 28th. All I need is the email address of the winner. Have doing everything you are doing!




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S&L Podcast - #88 - Titillate the Audience