S&L Podcast - #221 - From Authors to Hollywood Moguls!

Ellen DeGeneres is apparently interested in adapting Naomi Novik's Uprooted as a film. But, we all know there's a long road from "interest" to "released." Just ask Neil Gaiman.  The good news is Gaiman's American Gods is finally green-lit for TV! So there's hope. Unless you're a god from the Continent! More about that as we wrap up The City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett.

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2015 Campbell and Sturgeon Awards Winners    
Ellen DeGeneres To Produce Naomi Novik's Uprooted    
This Year's Science Fiction Hall Of Fame Inductees Are Legends    
David: Hyperion being made for TV
Robert: Only a few days after the trailer was released, Fox has moved up the release of "The Martian" from November 25th to October 2nd. That's nearly two months!    

Daniel: Andy Weir did a spontaneous AMA  
Clyde: Shepherd's Crown will be the last Discworld novel. Rhianna Pratchett tells fans: 'I don’t intend on writing more Discworld novels, or giving anyone else permission to do so. They are sacred to dad.' 
SporadicReviews: American Gods TV series greenlit
Andy: SyFy slipped in a second trailer for "The Expanse" via their YouTube channel. Initially, it seems identical to the first trailer, but there are a few scenes scattered throughout which are not in the original. It looks amazing. 
I'm fairly certain I'm doing this wrong but hey at least I'm doing it. I was wondering if you have read the Adventurers Wanted series by M.L. Forman? if not it would be Awesome if you could showcase his first book Slathbog's Gold on your show. he has 4 books out and the 5th is on the way but he had a stroke last year and has been struggling with his writing and it would be Great if more people were made aware of his stories so they can show him support and encourage him to keep writing! thank you and I hope you are having a Great day.

P.S. just because he is my all time favorite Author you should read Saxon Andrew if you haven't already, all of his books are Awesome!!!


I love the podcast and have been listening for a year or so now.

I have tried writing my first novel but was informed by a friend that the world I had created, had the same mechanics as the Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell.

The plot was completely different but the way ships moved and fought were similar. I read some of the books and they were brilliant. (Very unique! Very different to normal space books)
Thus ended my writing career and my dreams.

My question is. How long (if at all) should I wait to write again? The ideas won't leave me but I don't want to be seen as plagiarizing someone's work!
When can a revolutionary idea be used by others in their own unique way?

Thank you for your time.

From a sad and confused fan
Turner Davis.

P.S. keep up the brilliant podcast.

City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett    
CoS: Vohannes (full spoilers)    
Next Month: We'll read Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel        
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