S&L Podcast - #249 - Secrets of All the Birds in the Sky w/ Charlie Jane Anders

We’re joined by Charlie Jane Anders to wrap up her book, All the Birds in the Sky. Did you know Kevin has a secret history? What anime inspired Ernesto? These things, as well as all the winners of all the awards on this episode.

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Tom: Irish Car Fuse (Carolan's Creme and Jameson's)    
Veronica: James Pepper 1776 Rye    
Ramez Naam's Apex Is The Winner Of The Philip K. Dick Award  
Reminder: Hugo Award Nominations Close March 31st
WINNERS: 2015 Aurealis Awards    
WINNERS: 2016 Ditmar Awards
WINNERS: 2015 BSFA Awards
Louie: Andy Weir wrote fan fiction* for Ready Player One, and it is now canon. You can read "Lacero" here. Although, spoilers for Ready Player One.   

Joanna: The Warrior's Apprentice is being reprinted for its 30th anniversary. It came out June of 1986, which means that if you count from publish date, I'm only a week or so older. Considering that it's still my favorite all-time scifi series, this makes me happy. 
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A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab    
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All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders


Tom has a book on Inkshares called Pilot X!    
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