S&L Podcast - #253 - A Tale of Two Styles

The Hugos are out! We leave the drama to the side for this one and celebrate the novel nominees. But we didn't waste the drama... we just saved it for our evaluations of TV show and movie-based SFF books! We even brought a little to season our conversation about The Fifth Season and A Darker Shade of Magic. It's OK to like different styles of writing, folks!

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John: The Hugo Finalists are out
Thane: Jerry Pournelle wins the Heinlein Memorial Award from the National Space Society.
Dara: Mark Rylance joins Ready Player One film adaptation (as Oasis creator James Donovan Halliday)
Rob: Bobbie Draper has been cast! (Frankie Adams. She’s been a local star in NZ for a while and played a variety of parts and is also an amateur female boxer. )    
Rob: Neil Gaiman is writing a 6 part mini-series adaptation of Good Omens
David: TOR.com has published a list of (Almost) Every SFF Adaptation coming to Television / Movie Theatres. Nice to see our current book selection on the list! (Along with several other S & L picks) 
"Hi Tom and Veronica,

In the most recent episode of Sword and Laser you dropped a hint that if any listeners were doing inkshares projects that we should drop a line to your email. I fit that description! :)

My name is Rue Lazzaro, and I'm currently working on Thunder in Marrow: A Weird Western Fantasy novel. What is a ""Weird Western Fantasy"", you ask? It's orc barbers, whiskey magic and demon slaying cowgirl mercenaries. If you or any of your listeners can spare the $10 for a preorder on inkshares, you can find ""Thunder in Marrow"" on Inkshares at https://www.inkshares.com/books/thunder-in-marrow 

Thanks for the plug if you're willing to help me out, and good luck to Pilot X making its next goal!

Rue Lazzaro"    
Next month's book: Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson    
A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab    
Regarding White London, a small anecdote  
Book, or movie treatment?   
The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin
The r-word" (I tried to avoid spoilers)
Subduction Recapitulates Orogeny
When Style is more than just Cool" 

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