S&L Podcast - #261 - The Restaurant at the End of the Barnes & Noble

Looks like your old bookstore is getting into fancy dinners, plus the rise of book-based card games and how Time Traders proves you live in the wrong time. 

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Tom: Crispin Apple Cider    
Veronica: Omission Lager    
Lindsey: The Girl With All the Gifts trailer came out this week -- it looks really awesome and intense. The movie is premiering in September in the UK, no US distributor yet but fingers crossed!     
Terpkristin: Barnes & Noble is going to open what I can only imagine are going to be some reading restaurants: "Mr. Boire announced that Barnes & Noble would open four new concept stores in Fiscal 2017, complete with a new restaurant featuring an expanded menu along with a beer and wine offering. In addition to opening the first new store in Eastchester, NY, this October, the Company plans to open stores at the Edina Galleria in Edina, MN, at the Palladio in Folsom, CA, and at One Loudon in Loudon, VA."  
Silvana: Locus Award winners: Congrats Naomi Novik (best fantasy) and Ann Leckie (best SF)!
Terpkristin: There's a Kickstarter for a Mistborn board/card game. It ends July 20th, so those board game fans out there who also like Mistborn might want to check it out! 
Paulo: Seems that a series of books will be written about the Mass Effect universe before the next game is launched. The first one, titled Mass Effect Andromeda: Initation, will be launched next August and it was written by none other than N. K. Jemisin
Silvana: JK Rowling released the history of Ilvermorny magical school
Slytherin's wand! And there is a sorting quiz! I got Thunderbird (the adventurous one) 
Robyn: Ready Player One has started production! Yay!
July Book: Time Traders by Andre Norton
TTT: Differences between the original version and edited 2000 version
Notes on Andre Norton and Time Traders for Patrons

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