S&L Podcast - #277 - The January No-Beer Problem

We commend Terry Brooks' foresight, possibly convince Veronica to watch the Man in the High Castle some more, and give you important information to get the most of The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu.    

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Dry January!
Alex: with a new quadrilogy, titled The Fall of Shannara, Terry Brooks is bringing the series to a close --- TERRY BROOKS: Well, my original plan was to live forever, but I’m discovering that’s probably not going to happen, and I don’t want to be one of those authors whose series, after going on such a long time, gets written by somebody else at the end. So I decided it was time to at least write the ending, because I’ve had it in mind for many, many years.  --- The Black Elfstone (out June 13, 2017)
Nokomis.FL: The Man in the High Castle Gets A Third Season and New Showrunner
Sporadic Reviews: From Galaxy's Edge magazine :
We have a new blog called Signals from the Edge managed by Lezli Robyn. Check it out...we plan to develop it as a general site for all SF/Fantasy news and to have discussion on stories published by us (with author participation). We'd love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see.

So to share some holiday reading, I have completed ""The Girl With Ghost Eyes"" by M.H. Boroson and I wanted to put it on your radar. It's an awesome urban fantasy set in 1800's San Francisco Chinatown. The setting felt really well researched and historical San Francisco Chinatown really comes alive in the same way historical New York comes alive in ""The Golem and the Jinni. 

A Closed and Common Orbit"" by Becky Chambers is also great. Without mentioning spoilers, it very much has the same hopeful and humanist tone of ""The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet"". The setting of these books feels really unique. It obviously draws a degree of inspiration from Star Trek and Star Wars but takes ideas from those universes and does it's own distinct thing with them.

Currently I am working on "Wake of Vultures" by Lila Bowen.


So in sync with Sword and Laser lately! I was on page 110 of The Three Body Problem when I heard the podcast and that that would be the January pick! I am planning to read the whole trilogy over my holiday break (off work until January 3rd - woo hoo!). I had The Rook on my shelf for a while to read and so when that was December's pick, I read that and liked it so much I bought the sequel on Kindle and have started that, too. Like Veronica, I am hoping more Myfawny shows up.


In Episode #276, you excoriated us for not responding with our holiday reading list.  Shamefacedly, I began writing this email - and was stunned when Tom announced the book for January.  I have just finished ""The Three-Body Problem"" and I'm currently reading book #2, ""The Dark Forest.""  I had some attention deficit issues during some sections of the first book that I ascribe to the cultural differences between my background and the author's.  Nonetheless, I'm enjoying the story. The translator managed to make it understandable for Americans while still retaining some of the Chinese flavor.

Thanks for the podcast,

January Pick: Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu
Book briefing

Tom and Veronica will be at Baycon!

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