S&L Podcast - #280 - Good Omens for 2018

Neil Gaiman is running a new TV show and we're excited! Plus the Arrival folks are making a Larry Niven short story into a show, and indie bookstores are booming! We also kick-off Nalo Hopkinson's The Salt Roads.

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Tom: Nothing     
Veronica: Ipswitch Original Ale    
Dara and Robert: Good Omens is coming to Amazon Prime as a limited 6 episode event with Neil Gaiman as showrunner.
Nokomis.FL: Indie bookstores are booming thanks to Amazon
Phil: It looks like the producer of Arrival (21 Laps) will be making a movie based on Inconstant Moon by Larry Niven.
It's one of my favorite Niven stories and I look forward to this. It was previously made into an episode of the Outer Limits in the 90's.
Nokomis.FL: Peter Capaldi to bow out from Doctor Who at the end of 2017
Dara and Silvana: The new ASoIAF story in Gardner Dozois's The Book of Swords will be titled The Sons of the Dragon, a story of Aenys I and Maegor the Cruel. Fans speculation that this will be about the Targaryen era is correct.    David: This is also the same anthology that will contain Ken Liu's "The Hidden Girl," which was optioned by Studio 8 last May. "The story is about a team of assassins who are able to navigate between dimensions."    
Hello Veronica and Tom. Love the show, one of the few I support via patreon. On a recent episode of Cord Killers Tom mentioned a service called Sidereel. I got this app and love it, but would like something like it for books, authors. Goodreads doesnt seem to have way of tracking upcoming releases. Amazon does for stuff from authors Ive previously purchased but Id like to add a list of authors to track. Thanks, Adam H    

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Sci-fi and Fantasy Magazines. Anyone subscribe? Can you give me a rundown?
On Fantasy and Utility... (A Rant for your Consideration/Critique)

February Pick: The Salt Roads by Nalo Hopkinson
Book Kick-off
BLOG INTERVIEW: Nalo Hopkinson releases two e-books with Open Road Media
Final Wrap Up    
January Pick: Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu
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