S&L Podcast - #295 - Don't put spiders on your head

The Hugo nominees are out and we love them all, we kick off the Hum and the Shiver with music, and a spider that looks like a sorting hat. 

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Tom: Lifeway Kefir

Veronica: Hirsch Small Batch Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


terpkrisin: Hugo nominees are out, including some books S&L has read or authors and series that we've read.

Books include:
All the Birds in the Sky
A Closed and Common Orbit
Death's End
The Obelisk Gate

More interesting to me, I actually *know* one of the editors nominated. I'm very happy for a friend to be nominated. :)

Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials 'Equel' Gets a Title, New Hero, and Excerpt

Stephen: They found a new spider, and it is called "The Sorting Hat Spider"!!!
And the scientific name has Harry Potter influence.

Aaron: This year's Geeks Doing Good campaign just went up (6 days). mong the swag is stuff for the Iron Druid Chronicles, The Kingkiller Chronicles, The Dresden Files, and a JoCo cruise ticket raffle.


What is the most dangerous city in fiction?

@swordandlaser @acedtect IIRC, generally it’s whiskey for American and Irish. Whisky for those others. My mnemonic? It’s booze: Americans and the Irish want more! via @BrentWeeks


The Hum and the Shiver: A Novel of the Tufa by Alex Bledsoe

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