S&L Podcast - #315 - Philip K Dick Move

Goodbye Shannara, hello The Blade Itself TV show? Also Moby Dick and Philip K Dick have different problems, and what the monster in Frankenstein might truly represent.

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Tom: Fantasy Scotch  
Veronica: Fantasy Bailey's    
Thane: Viacom cancels Shannara TV show
David: Rumour that The Blade Itself is being made for TV/Film.
Trike: The adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers is coming to Syfy in the US and Netflix everywhere else.
Dara: HBO confirms you won't be getting your Game Of Thrones finale this year
Best comment: "Man, who's writing this final season? George RR Martin?"
Best response: "Low hanging fruit."
"Hi, Tom and Veronica.  Love your show, which I found by looking through
the long list of last year's Hugo nominations for other worthy podcasts
to listen to.

In your podcast #314, you speculated on the opening of Frankenstein
being influenced by Moby Dick. That seems really unlikely, unless Mary
Shelley had a time machine, since Moby Dick wasn't published until
1851.  Nice try, though.

Dave W"    
Philip K Dick accuses Stanislaw Lem of Communist conspiracy
"He [Lem] was “probably a composite committee rather than an individual.” Dick's evidence for this denouncement was that “[Lem] writes in several styles and sometimes reads foreign, to him, languages and sometimes does not.” And the conspiracy spread further still: “The Party operates (a U..S.] publishing house which does a great deal of Party-controlled science fiction.”    
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Book Briefing
This was different than what I expected
"I was mostly surprised as to how quickly the actual experiment was over. It felt like "And then everything worked and holy sh*t, what a monster, f*ck it, dude, I'm outta here". I was prepared for a detailed description and a lot of building up what I thought was one of the most important scenes of the book and then it was over so fast."    
Oh My Goth!
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