S&L Podcast - #326 - Slow Down, Readers!

A database of all the stories, Stranger Things enters the tie-in book world, a debate about speed-listening, and what Veronica REALLY thinks about Zeus.

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Tom: Strongbow Cider

Veronica: Una Lou Rosé


Stranger Things Is Launching a Book Franchise, including a Prequel About Eleven's Mom

Jessica: The FIREFLY crew returns in a brand new book series “Titan Books and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products have teamed up to publish a new series of official titles within the Firefly canon, with Joss Whedon serving as consulting editor” The first book, Firefly: Big Damn Hero, by Nancy Holder hits shelves in October

Dara: Not SFF-related but the outcome of this could have genre-wide impacts. For anyone not following along, the romance world has been in disarray because an author trademarked the word "cocky" and now using it as a cudgel against her fellow authors, threatening them with lawsuits and forcing them to change their book titles. The EFF has a rundown of events.

Can you imagine if someone trademarked "galaxy" or "space station" or "sword"? The outcome of this case will have far-reaching ramifications.

Meghan: Mortal Engines is getting the big screen treatment by Peter Jackson. 
Didn't see it on the S&L Bookshelf but it has been discussed a couple of times as a SF rec

Tomp: Fantasy Author Brandon Sanderson Teams With FremantleMedia North America To Develop TV Drama Series.

Mer: I attended a presentation by Dr. David Brin -part of a series of science lectures hosted by the Museum of Science Fiction in the District of Columbia area- and he mentioned a database he's founded (in conjunction with The Arthur C Clarke Center for Human Imagination at University of California at San Diego) where science fiction plots are stored in a database. The intent is businesses/organizations/scientists don't have to reinvent the wheel; use the database to look for similar ideas by authors / screenwriters, and then use the already existing research to inform their work.

Folks like us can provide references to authors / screenwriters / stories for questions that have been asked.

The database and website is here TASAT: There's A Story About That.


Audiobook speed read

Kindle (and other ebooks!) Daily Deal


Circe by Madeline Miller

Book Briefing

Circe: spoiled by mythology?


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