S&L Podcast - #350 - Rye-ear-ah

So many great books are nominated for Hugos. Independent Bookstore Day is coming up and the proper pronunciation of Riyria! and we kick off our impressions of the refreshing and comfy feelings we’re getting from the thoroughly enjoyable Theft of Swords.

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Tom: Smithwick's Red Ale

Veronica: Bulleit Rye


The finalists for the Hugo Awards have been announced.

"Mark: It’s that time of year again - that’s right, Independent Bookstore Day is almost upon us! Celebrations will be held on Saturday, April 27th in locally-owned and operated bookstores across the US (I couldn’t find any information on international participation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still support your local bookstores across the globe regardless). To find out more info, you can visit the official Independent Bookstore Day website:

In particular, if you want to find out which stores near you are participating, you can search for them via this interactive map.

Dara: Patrick Rothfuss was on the The B&N Podcast and talked a bit about progress on The Doors of Stone and the Kingkiller TV adaptation. Newsweek has the story if you're not interested or able to listen to the podcast.

From the article:

'Kingkiller, my work on the books, is—again, it might seem strange for people to hear—but nobody laments the lack of tangible progress more than me, in terms of the next Kingkiller book,' Rothfuss said. 'But things are moving forward, if not fast—again I’ve never promised fast, ever since I knew what I was good at professionally.'

'But I am moving forward,' Rothfuss told B&N’s blog editor Joel Cunningham. 'More importantly, I’m finally getting my life sorted out so that I can go back and approach my writing and my craft with the joy that I used to feel back in the day, when I was just an idiot kid playing D&D or working on my unpublishable fantasy novel.'"

Take your time, Pat. We'll be here when you're finished. <3

Dara: Via Barnes & Noble SFF blog, Catherynne Valente Is Writing a Sequel to Space Opera. Yes, it Is Called Space Oddity. Expected release date is Spring 2021.

Mark: Fonda Lee's first podcast short story is up at The Overcast.

Julie and Tamahome: N. K. Jemisin makes her comics debut (with artist Jamal Campbell) with Far Sector, a unique Green Lantern story for DC’s Young Animal imprint.

John and Seth: Vonda McIntyre has died.l


"I know mispronouncing things is a cornerstone of Sword and Laser, but when its the name of the entire series, I though I could provide the suggestion.

Michael J. Sullivan says the official way to say it is:


Rye as in the grain

Ear as in the body part

and ah, that's how you say Riyria." William Keaton


Just finished the enchanting Kingdom of Copper (sequel to City of Brass) by @SAChakrabooks, which has had me under its spell for weeks. The Daevabad trilogy is absolutely worth your time, as is her interview on @swordandlaser. Can’t wait to see how it ends. Peter V. Brett

The book shop that wasn't quite just a book shop


Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan

Book briefing


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