S&L Podcast - #84 - Metric is for SciFi, Imperial is for Fantasy

We discuss the meaning of religion in Elantris, whether 1Q84 is boring or not, and why Ray Bradbury is so darn crotchety.


Roy Dotrice records new edition of FEAST FOR CROWS audiobook

Rudy Rucker's autobiography: Nested Scrolls

Fahrenheit 451 becomes e-book despite author's feelings



Elantris - Anyone else feel guilty?

Elantris - Favorite POV

Units of Measure in Fantasy


Westeros: Total War needs some help

GAME OF THRONES Season 2 trailer

Lost Doctor Who Episodes Surface With Chumblies, Fish People





Hello Veronica and Tom,

I have been a long time listener to FrameRate on the TwiT network and have only recently been listening to The Sword and Laser, episode number 82 to be precise. Both this and the later episode have been enjoyable to listen to whilst on long plane journeys and idle time whilst building booths and trade shows. I must admit I finished the Elantris book in a few days and agree with Veronica when she stated this has a first book feel to it. Towards the end I found Sarene to be slightly grating and almost put the book down, but I am glad I pushed through the last twenty or so pages.

I was wondering if you had a few seconds to answer a question so I may learn from people possessing greater knowledge than I? I find myself with a two week break over Christmas and I was wondering if you could suggest any major series I could start getting into? (I have never read the Mistborn, the Way of Kings or Games of Thrones series, but really enjoyed the Dark Tower books.)

I hope you manage to find sometime during your busy schedules to answer my question and I look forward to the next episode.

Kind Regards,



Did you guys see this? A grad student of mine sent me the links and I though Tom in particular might enjoy it:

Part 1

Part 2

-- Dr. Timothy R


Veronica and Tom, I wanted to reach out to you guys and let you know about our e-zine Flagship. Every other month (soon to be every month) for the last fifteen months we've put out an anthology of positive science fiction and fantasy short stories in both electronic text and audio formats. We were recently featured in Wired magazine's Geekdad blog and are looking for more places to get the word out about what we're doing.

-- Scott Roche



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S&L Podcast - #84 - Metric is for SciFi, Imperial is for Fantasy

S&L Podcast - #83 - Lady Lair

We bid adieu to one of the great fantasy writers of all time, bit off more than we can read, and learn how to pronounce Elantris properly.  Sort of. Also we rename Veronica's Lady Cave. 


Anne McCaffrey, 1926-2011
Science fiction author Anne McCaffrey dies at 85
First woman to win a Hugo Award and a Nebula Award, as well as a Grand Master of science fiction.

Tailchaser’s Song Animated Feature

Norwegian bookseller begins selling e-books on memory cards, for some reason

Martin Fan Letter in Fantastic Four Comic



Why do people write fantasy?

Biting off more then you can read


Skyrim, the black hole of time

Neil Gaiman On The Simpsons

GAME OF THRONES Season 2 behind-the-scenes vid
A first look at GAME OF THRONES Season 2


The Elantris Portal on Brandon Sanderson's website

Sanderson's Female Protagonists

Early thoughts on 1Q84


Hello! My name is Sean Hollenhors and I work at a bookstore in Salem, OR (The Book Bin). I'm a regular Sword & Laser listener and heard you mention collecting first edition hardcovers. We recently revamped our rare book room and put out a plethora of new signed, first edition and rare hard covers. I'm attaching some photos to show off the space as well as some of the titles we have. Give me holler if there are titles you're having trouble finding...we might be able to help! We have an ever expanding selection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books.

The Book Bin


Hey fellas, love the show, I adore you guys.

So I totally missed the release of Christopher Paulini’s final book of the Inheritance series 10 days ago. It was totally off my radar. I couldn’t believe you guys hadn’t mentioned it because it’s, like, the 2nd biggest fantasy release this year (by biggest, I mean commercial sales). So I went back and listened to the last 3 podcasts and realized it was never mentioned in any of the upcoming release calendar announcements. Apparently it was off your radar too.

Now, I’m pretty certain you guys aren’t some kind of fantasy snob elitist hipsters that dismissively blow off commercial juggernauts for more underground indie stuff. Perhaps you just didn't care much for the other books in the series. To me they’re a bit meh, but still quite enjoyable. Maybe the Eragon movie abomination left you emotionally so scarred that discussion of the upcoming book in the series would dredge up too many horrible memories. Whatever the case, I would’ve thought that you’d at least mention the thing. After all, talking about fantasy books is like, your job ;o) ß this is a very tongue in cheek winky smiley, FYI.

david C

Voicemail from Jenny! She tells us about a cool podcast hosted by Brandon Sanderson at Writing Excuses.


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S&L Podcast - #83 - Lady Lair