S&L Podcast - #206 - How Tyrion Could Die

We have a whole Wheel of Time pilot mystery to solve and then on top of it George RR Martin says any character in the Game of Thrones series could be killed even if they’re safe in the book. WHAT?! Hands off the Imp! Also we explore the mystery of why Tom didn’t like Annihilation more, even though he wanted to.

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Tom: Longboard Lager    
Veronica: Old Potrero Whisky    
Wheel of Time Pilot weirdness    
Game of Thrones TV show will start killing chracters independently from the book    
Sean: Here's something related to GoT/ASoIaF that's not depressing and/or annoying - Martin's original outline/proposal for the series.
AndrewP: Milla Jovovich will star in an adaption of GRR Martins 'The Lost lands' stories.

Terpkristin: Obviously, everybody is upset that the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series (The Winds of Winter) is not coming in 2015. However, there is some good news as GRRM announced that his Dunk & Egg stories are finally coming to a stand-alone collection on October 6. This edition will be illustrated "on virtually every page" by Gary Gianni. GRRM's announcement can be read at his LJ site.     
David: They've announced that the first in Butcher's new Cinder Spires series, The Aeronaut's Windlass, is out in September    

Kevin: Tor.com announces its first line up of novellas to be published later this year from it's new imprint    
Ben: the Locus Recommended Reading List itself is a worthy quick burn. Each year it comes out in February highlighting what Locus Reviewers collectively regard as the best genre work to come out in a given year. It covers everything from YA to grimdark and from literary SFnal works to action heavy space opera. Its much longer than an award's short list and many people use the list to give them ideas what great works they might have missed from the previous year.    
Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer     
Sean: The problem of motivation    
Daniel: This book is not normal narrative    
John (Taloni): What genre is it actually (expect spoilers)    
From Annihilation to Acceptance: A Writer’s Surreal Journey    
Next Month: The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison    
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The Goblin Emperor
By Katherine Addison

S&L Podcast - #204 - Annihilation is Not the End

Veronica REALLY wanted to make the title of this episode "Tom Merritt is a sexist pig." But Tom doesn't need that kind of grief. And besides he has promised to read even more female SciFi/Fantasy authors going forward. But if you want to hear Veronica giggle at the notion-- as well as defend our book pick, Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer, and wax eloquent about the need for varied perspectives in literature-- then fire up this episode!

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Tom: Boddington's Pub Ale    
Veronica: Some kind of white wine    
Nominate Your Favorite Works And People For The 2015 Hugo Awards
Nokomis.FL noted "George RR Martin’s The Winds of Winter: no plans for publication in 2015 " Trike wasn't sure this was really news and Robert wrote: "given that 'Winds of Winter' won't be published in 2015, it's almost certain that the TV show will finish before the books are published. "
Michele and Dara: 
 "J. Michael Straczynski Will Adapt Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars for Spike TV""  
Dara: More books into tv series! Endemol studios has acquired the rights to Lauren Beuke's Broken Monsters    
"Ben:  After their popular special issues and Kickstarter campaign last year Women destroy Science Fiction (and fantasy and horror too) - Lightspeed are doing a similar thing with Queers Destroy.... Which can be backed on Kickstarter at the moment.
Robyn:  I'm late to the game (and apologies if this has been mentioned before), but I just realised that The Guardian is doing a monthly round-up of SFF - January's is here. Fun way to find out about new books.    
Also take a look at John DeNardo's SF Signal's 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy and Horror Books to Look Forward to in 2015 (Part 2)    
Louie: Who are your top 5 most read authors?    

1-Philip K. Dick        30
2-William Shakespeare        18
3-Stephen King        14
4-Evelyn Waugh        11
4-Douglas Adams        11
4-Neal Stephenson        11
7-Hunter S. Thompson        10
8-Frank Herbert        9
8-Douglas Coupland        9
1-Charlaine Harris        14
2- Laurie R. King        13
2-Robin Hobb        13
4-Tad Williams        12
4-Jim Butcher        12
6-Orson Scott Card        9
7-Jacqueline Carey        7
7-Gail Carriger        7
7-Kevin Hearne        7
7-J.K. Rowling        7"    
A Rant about a Particular Aspect of eBooks    

Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer     
Jeff VanderMeer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia    
Annihilation review – 'You'll find yourself afraid to turn the page' | Books | The Guardian    
Finally, a novel about weird science that's genuinely weird     

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