S&L Video - #10B and #11 - Gary Whitta and Assassin's Apprentice Wrap-up

We sit down with writer and all around great geek Gary Whitta to discuss his upcoming projects, The Book of Eli, and how The Walking Dead video game nearly made his head explode.

We wrap-up our August pick, Assassin's Apprentice, and Veronica uses the Skill* to check in with everyone over on GoodReads. 

*Tom's pretty sure she just used the internet.


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S&L Podcast - #108 - Ye olde dragon phylogeny

We have essential info for Wheel of Time fans, dragon fans, and we debate the best SciFi weapons. Also, Veronica claims to be able to hear Tom's face. 

Tom: Boont Amber Ale 
Veronica: Carolans Irish Liqueur 

Forbes reveals list of 2011's top-earning authors
Adam Whitehead gets back to his summary of the Wheel of Time series
The evolutionary history of dragons, illustrated by a scientist
All 29 editions of  Year’s Best Science Fiction anthologies coming as e-books
Great writing advice from this year's Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy writing workshop
Digital Book World aims for a more accurate ebook bestseller list


Coolest Sci-Fi Weapons 
We're Number 2! 

Ciarán Hinds is Mance Rayder in GAME OF THRONES 

A Question About Shrewd's command -spoilers!
Ending Questions (Very Spoilery) 
What else are we reading? 


We're going to DragonCon!
Sword and Laser Podcast – LIVE
We’ll do a live version of our audio podcast with a special guest author and take your questions. So get to reading!
Time: Sat 02:30 pm Location: Crystal Ballroom – Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)
Parsec Awards
The Parsec Awards are the yearly awards for speculative fiction podcasts. I’ll be presenting, and Veronica Belmont will be hosting!
Time: Sun 04:30 pm Location: International North Room – Hyatt

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S&L Podcast - #108 - Ye olde dragon phylogeny

S&L Video - #09 - Interview with John Scalzi and Assassin's Apprentice Kick-off!

Here for your viewing pleasure are the two videos that, combined, compromise Episode 9 of the Sword and Laser! We interview the fantastic Mr. John Scalzi, and in our August book kick-off discuss one of Veronica's favorite picks, Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb!