S&L Podcast - #159 - Ian Tregillis on Angels, Superpowers, and Deathmatches

We have a chance to chat with the fabulous Ian Tregillis, author of the Milkweed Triptych and Something More Than Night. He alludes to his secret 'Clakkers" project, explains how to make an angel talk like a shamus, and reveals Gretel's secret Reagan baby.

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Interview with Bitter Seeds author Ian Tregillis – The S&L Podcast #033

This week, we wrap up Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis with our opinions, your opinions, and Ian Tregillis's opinions. (Yes, he's on the show for an interview). We also look at June SciFi/Fantasy events thanks to IO9. June is pretty danged busy!


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Bitter Seeds  > *Spoilers* Final thoughts?   
Bitter Seeds  > Your superpower?    

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Interview with Bitter Seeds author Ian Tregillis – The S&L Podcast #033