S&L Podcast - #103 - Interview with Seanan McGuire

Ha! Didn't think you were getting an audio podcast this week did you? Well, we had a chance to interview Seanan McGuire, who also writes as Mira Grant, and we jumped at the opportunity to talk about zombies, SFSqueecast and Low Men in Yellow Coats. We think you'll like hearing about it too.
Thanks everyone for your questions!

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S&L Podcast - #103 - Interview with Seanan McGuire

Solve this puzzle for a secret look at Mira Grant’s BLACKOUT

Yesterday, io9 published an excerpt of Mira Grant's Blackout, the final book in her Newsflesh trilogy. Today, an intrepid Newsie hacked into the CDC computer system and liberated another file. For this one, though, you'll have to do a little digging...

Below is a puzzle whose answer reveals one of the five codes you'll need to access the second, top-secret document.

Rumor has it that you should be hanging around these other blogs to gather the other four:

Rose-Owls and Pumpkin Girls (The Journal of Seanan McGuire)

The Mary Sue

SF Signal

Fantasy Café

Once you've gathered all five codes, you can access the encrypted document at the Orbit Books site. WARNING: Massive spoilers for Feed and Deadline ahead!

Blackout will be available May 22nd.

Let us know where you would hole up during a zombie apocalypse in the comments below, and you will be entered to win the Newsflesh triology (FeedDeadlineBlackout)! Open to participants in the US, Canada, and the UK. Winner will be randomly selected on May 2nd!