S&L Podcast - #279 - Myke Cole, Man Hunter

Person hunter, really! He's an equal-opportunity ass-kicker. Author and fighter of crimes, Myke Cole, tells us how he got involved in the new CBS show Hunted! And, what Sam Sykes has to do with any of it. 

This episode was recorded before the Sunday, Jan 22nd premiere, but new episodes are out on Wednesday nights at 8/7c!

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S&L Podcast - #203 - Myke Cole's Secret Unicorn

We welcome back the amazing Myke Cole to talk about how he finds time to write great books, fight crime, and decorate his apartment with even more books. We also pressure him into a startling revelation about unicorns. And of course, talk to him about his new book, Gemini Cell: A Shadow Ops Novel which is out now!

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S&L Podcast - #151 - Myke Cole Will Kick Your Ass For Free

We have the distinct pleasure of chatting with author Myke Cole about his Shadow Ops series, playing D&D with SFF authors and how he took on the challenge of writing from the POV of a 12-year-old-girl. Plus he offers free ass-kickings if you need writing motivation right now. It is NaNoWriMo, after all. 

Staffers Book Review (The link to Justin's blog we promised!)

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