S&L Podcast - #222 - Neil Gaiman Writes All the Things

We have an eyewitness report from the ALA conference in San Francisco, our initial thoughts on Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, and Neil Gaiman will write some episodes for the American Gods TV series. Thank American Gods!

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Tom: Hendricks Gin and Tonic    
Veronica: Boonville Bite Hard Cider    
Kenley: The American Library Association held their annual conference in San Francisco this week. 25,000 librarians descended on Moscone. The event included a Tor panel with Vernor Vinge, Greg Bear, John Scalzi, Marie Brennan and Larry Correia.     

And Ulmer Ian says: "Just came from the Tor panel. Not much interaction between panelists so no barns were burned. Was great to see Vinge, I'm a long time fan. Marie Brennans talk about what books show we miss from current technology was particularly fantastic. 

In quick burn news: S&L pick and Nebula winner Goblin Emperor won best fantasy novel for the Locus Award. Be an S&L pick, win all the awards. "
Ulmer Ian: Ancillary Sword wins Locus best scifi novel.    
Neil Gaiman is going to write multiple episodes of American Gods for Starz. That makes me SO much more excited than it probably should.  
Joanna - There's a wonderful interview of Lois McMaster Bujold

It really dives into her process and what inspired her. It also highlights why the Vorkosigan Saga is still my very favorite scifi series. Namely following how culture follows technology and the development of great characters over time. 
Alex - Patrick Rothfuss and Max Temkin (one of the Cards Against Humanity guys) have started a podcast, and it needs a name   
Andy - The final novella installment to John Scalzi's "The End of All Things" was released.    

"Hi Veronica and Tom, 
We are in San Diego at WesterCon! We had a good reads/ S&L coffee klatch this morning. Thought of you two. It was great fun and we met some new S&L pals. Here's our pix. Hope all is well with you both. 

Best, Melisa from SF "    

"Dear Tom and Veronica, 

I happened to catch Tom's "book haul" video and I enjoyed it. What a 
great idea! 

That tall stack of books behind Tom got my wheels turning and here's 
what I think you should do: you should send them to listeners who agree 
to review them. I don't know what the rules are, exactly, so maybe you 
can't do it that way, but I think you should be able to publish the 
reviews on the website, can't you? I know you've published some 
listener-written reviews. 

The benefit of this vs. just giving them away at events is two-fold: the 
author gets a review out of it, which is why they sent it to you, and 
the Sword and Laser community gets to find out if these books are good. 

You'd have to come up with a way to decide who gets which book, but you 
can do a drawing or something? Does the Patreon funds give you enough to 
cover the cost of mailing these out? If not, asking listeners to pay the 
shipping cost would ensure they'd be invested enough to definitely write 
a review. It would still be cheaper than buying the book. 

Love the show! 
Beelissa "    

"Hi Guys.

Love the podcast. This may be a little off-topic, but you're two erudite people, so I'm hoping you can  help.
Veronica, last podcast I heard you agree with Tom by saying ""yeah-no"" and then going on to say why you agree with him so much.
Can you help me understand why I'm hearing this more and more, all over the place. It's no longer just a simple yes, or no, it has become ""yeah-no"" or ""no-yeah""  
WTF? Why?
Will there be a new word in the dictionary soon, ""yeah-no"" ?
This drives me almost as crazy as hearing the word ""literally"" used incorrectly all the time now.

Keep up the great work on the podcast.

Darren"    Yeah, no
Yeah-no, controversial since 2006    

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel    
Emily Mandel's website    

Station Eleven > SE: Literary crossover? (please tag spoilers)

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