S&L Video: Author Spotlight - Kevin Hearne

Kevin Hearne was an English teacher who put up with rejection from twenty three agents and five publishers before he finally prevailed. Thank goodness he did! We would have never been able to meet Oberon! Oh, and Atticus too, of course. We ask Kevin many many things including if we can expect a TV or graphic novel adaptation, and why chicken apple sausages? 

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S&L Podcast - #171 - The Martian Influx

We're very excited that James S. A. Corey's 'The Expanse' is being made into a TV series! PLUS we sat down to chat with Andy Weir and Daniel Suarez. We learn you shouldn't go for a publisher, but go for an audience, and why you should NOT tell your friends your stories but make them read what you write instead. 

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Tom: Smithwick's
Veronica: Red wine. Possibly a Pinot Noir.


Syfy Turns James S.A. Corey's Expanse Into "Game Of Thrones In Space"
Locus awards ballot is up
Anthology will launch to public May 1!


Andy Weir
Daniel Suarez

Learn more about SF in SF.

S&L Video: Author Spotlight - Chuck Wendig

Chuck Wendig has a reputation for cursing. He also has a reputation for being a badass writer of amazing characters in inventive situations, across novels, comics and movies. He also invented cornpunk. Oh wait, he ALSO writes one of the best guides for writers ever made. But what is his favorite word? Well, now you'll just have to watch for that, and to see how many times our editor has to use the bleep button. Spoiler: he uses it more on the hosts than the guest.

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S&L Video: Author Spotlight - Alastair Reynolds

This week you’ll learn how Alastair Reynolds went from Cornwall to a doctorate in astronomy, to pushing ice across the vastness of space. How much do current scientific advances influence him? Does he feel a kinship with Mass Effect? What order should you read his darn books in? All these questions and more will be answered.

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S&L Video: Author Spotlight - Anne Leonard

Anne Leonard's first book JUST came out. Congrats Anne! Moth and Spark is about a Prince who has been chosen to free dragons from bondage to the Empire, but nobody’s exactly sure how he should do it, not even their riders. He meets a doctor’s daughter who discovers she’s a seer. She’s also a commoner, so he really shouldn’t fall for her How do you shine a spotlight on such a young career? It's all in the backstory! Just watch.

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S&L Podcast - #164 - Bill Gourgey's POST-Post-Apocalyptic World

We chat with Bill Gourgey, who's Glide Trilogy does not settle for a run-of-the-mill post-apocalyptic world. What happens AFTER the post-apocalyptic dust settles!? We also find out how a tech analyst ends up writing genre novels and poetry. You won't believe his answer! Or maybe you will. You probably will. But you won't know what it is, unless you watch/listen to the show!

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S&L Video: Author Spotlight - Hugh Howey

We're back!!! Welcome back to the space castle, everybody! HUGE thanks to our Kickstarter supporters for making this possible. In our first episode of Season 2, we talk to Wool Omnibus author Hugh Howey.  Find out how not to get shoved outside, how George R. R. Martin motivated Hugh's career, and his number one editing tip.

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S&L Podcast - #162 - Gregory A. Wilson's Graphic Fallen Angels

We chat with Gregory A. Wilson, author of The Third Sign, about his newest novel Icarus and the graphic novel based on it that he and artist Matt Slay are working on. It's about a being who falls from the sky to save a world from tyranny. We also find out if he named his daughter after one of his own fictional characters.

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Multiple video versions (ogg, MPEG, etc.) from Archive.org.

S&L Podcast - #159 - Ian Tregillis on Angels, Superpowers, and Deathmatches

We have a chance to chat with the fabulous Ian Tregillis, author of the Milkweed Triptych and Something More Than Night. He alludes to his secret 'Clakkers" project, explains how to make an angel talk like a shamus, and reveals Gretel's secret Reagan baby.

Ian Tregillis entry at Wikipedia

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S&L Podcast - #157 - Marie Brennan's Fantasy Brings the Science to Fiction


We chat with Marie Brennan about her historical fiction her fictionalized history and all kinds of matters relating to anthropology, ethnography, archaeology and natural history. And dragons. Plus get a peek at how much glee she takes in chopping off hands. That and more insights coming your way in this interview with Marie Brennan.

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S&L Podcast - #155 - Why Sam Sykes is for Sharks and the Alliance

We had a really good time chatting with Sam Sykes, author of the Aeon's Gate series. Among other things, we learned what a flying shark is good for, why he left the Horde, what a "stealfie" is, and how Sam keeps his daily threat-making to a minimum. Plus your questions!  Enjoy.

Sam Sykes official website

And just because....


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S&L Podcast - #153 - Peter V. Brett is the Dark David Hasselhoff of Fantasy

We talk with Peter V. Brett about his Demon Cycle books, the grim world of dark fantasy, his old HP iPaq and why he's so big in Germany.

Peter V. Brett's website    
About Peter V. Brett on Wikipedia    

To get in on the D&D action at ConFusion and possibly see Myke Cole's head get shaved visit Worldbuilders.org.

And check out the Not Playing Podcast: 002 Die Hard on the Boing Boing Podcast Network!

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S&L Podcast - #152 - Ancillary Justice Wrap-up with Author Ann Leckie

Two big reasons to cheer on this episode. One, you backed us, you really backed us, and we have 12 glorious episodes of the video Sword and Laser authors guides coming next year. Two, author Ann Leckie joins us to wrap up Ancillary Justice!

Tom:    Yorkshire Gold Tea
Veronica:    Water
We funded!! Thank you so much to everyone who backed the Season 2 Kickstarter. We’ll send out updates as we get details on things like add-ons and of course shoot dates and post dates for the shows!

Own William Gibson's bomber jacket!    
Neil Gaiman wrote this fairy tale short film about a girl that can fly    
Crowdfunding an sf/f mag for teens    
Singularity & Co. is saving the sci-fi, one pulp novel at a time.     
The Top 101 Science Fiction Adventures   

Guillermo Del Toro's TV series greenlit    
HBO no longer developing AMERICAN GODS    
Adaptation Watch: Robert J. Sawyer’s TRIGGERS Optioned for Film, Sawyer to Write Screenplay    
J.R.R. Tolkien Biopic Being Developed   


A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent by Marie Brennan    


Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie    
Dear Tom and Veronica (and Tom's dogs)

Just dropping a quick line to say that I really enjoyed your Myke Cole interview - Myke came across as a really engaging, gracious and humble guy, and I've downloaded Control Point to Kindle so that I can make a start on Shadow Ops.

Thanks, as always, for Sword and Laser - I'm afraid that I'm struggling a bit with Ancillary Justice this month, but regardless of how I'm getting on with the month's read, the podcast contains so much discussion of Sci-Fi/Fantasy as a whole that it's a must-listen, each week.

All the best from the UK

Ralph aka slowfox

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