S&L Podcast - #287 - You Do Like Your Alternate Londons

A SciFi book is mysteriously returned after 35 years,  at the same time a billionaire suddenly invests in brain implants and a skull begins to talk. Are these events connected somehow? Yes. They're all discussed in this episode along with Gateway by Frederick Pohl.

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Tom: Orange Juice    
Veronica: Ipswitch Ale    
Sean: ‘The Expanse’ Renewed for Season 3 at Syfy
AndrewP: Some guy made a talking skull using Amazon Alexa. Should be something for all Dresden fans who want their very own Bob!
Joseph "Cover reveal & synopsis for Ann Leckie's new book, due out in October."    
TRP: I think Elon Musk has been reading his Iain M. Banks Culture novels.  The book Surface Detail has quite a bit on neural laces
Nokomis.FL: Case of the purloined library book solved 35 years later, restored with $200 tucked inside. “It’s one of the, if not the greatest sci-fi/romance stories ever written; it’s absolutely fascinating” and the swiped edition is now a highly sought-after collectible."
Darren: Bernie Wrightson passed away this week. A huge loss. It's hard to pick a work he's most famous for, but his illustrations for Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein are never to be equalled, in my opinion.
AndrewP adds "My personal anecdote. I met Bernie several times at Con's and one time my wife asked him how she could inspire me to do more artwork. He replied with a grin "Spend all his money." :)     

I haven't heard you mention this book/series yet and i wanted to throw the name your way, just on the off chance it can be added to the (very) long list.
The Screaming Staircase : Lockwood and Co
I have listened to the audio book and the entire series to date and I have to say it's one of the more interesting new series.

It's a fabulous fantasy horror / young fiction series and i strongly suggest the audio book, the narrator really makes it. Plus it's relatively short especially compared to certain other authors #sanderson# *cough* , i love the value of 60 hour audio books but sometimes 10-15 hours is cool too. 😉

Anyways thanks for the epic podcast.

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman
The Invisible Library Book Briefing
Wrap Up     
Gateway by Frederick Pohl
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