S&L Podcast - #288 - Slow Readers Unite!

Hugo Nominees are in! The African Speculative Fiction Society nominees are in! People pressuring you to read 200 books a year are in. But us slow readers draw the line.

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Tom:    Some of his wife's soda from Fatburger
Veronica:    Petite Syrah
Nokomis.FL : 2017 Hugo Award Finalists Announced on April 4th
Sandra: Well that was fast, Scalzi's new book The Collapsing Empire tv rights have been bought.

David adds: Scalzi gives an update of all the TV/movie stuff here.
Sandra: Piers Anthony’s long-running “Xanth” fantasy series may soon become a feature film and a TV series. Variety has the full story. And holy crap this series has 42 books!  
David: The African Speculative Fiction Society just announced their short list nominees for the Nommo Awards. Folks may recognize Nnedi Okorafor's Binti on the list for "Best Novella"
Warren: No one wished Leon a happy birthday. Why is that?
Shelfaware giving away 10 signed copies of Pilot X
We will be special podcast guests at Baycon May 26 - May 29, San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport. Daniel Abraham is the guest of Honor and Ty Franck is the toastmaster so James SA Corey will be there! Daniel Dociu is the artists guest of honor and Dr. Christine Doyle is the fan guest of honor. Come join us!! 
From Alan:
I have no patience for reading. I'm a doer, I do things. So I thought the perfect way to get around this was to use Audible. This worked for a long time. I listened to most of the Dresden series, the Song of Fire and Ice (2 credits a pop there), Name of the Wind, and the random book here and there. But now I realize I have 6 unused credits. I need to use them up or lose them. Could you send me a list of your top 10 picks for "swordy" or "lasery" books? No research required. Just a list of the 10 you can think of that are worth the time. I'm sure I haven't read most of what you have in a brain dump. Thanks.
The Simple Truth Behind Reading 200 Books A Year

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman
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