S&L Podcast - #298 - Don't Get Eaten By a Bear

George R. R. Martin has even more money coming his way, public domain books clean up nice, we love the Locus Award winners, and why Veronica is not allowed to let a bear eat her.

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Tom: Schilling Hard Cider: Rhubarb Lumberjack

Veronica: Bulleit Rye


Trike: Syfy to adapt (ordered a pilot) George R.R. Martin's short story Nightflyers into a series. Seems like not a lot of material to support a series, since it's basically his version of Alien.

Silvana: Locus Award Winners
Have not read the novel winners (not really interested as I am one of the very few not impressed with Three-Body Problem) but I read the novelette winner (Alyssa Wong has a unique style) and plan to read the novella winner too.
Special mention to Kameron Hurley for best nonfiction work.

Iain: Just found the Standard E-Books, which are Project Gutenburg books that have been type set and cleaned up to make them easier to read.
I have found the Princess of Mars and Armageddon 2419 A.D. (aka Buck Rogers) and many other cool old SF and fantasy. This is a treasure trove of free books (Dracula, Frankenstein, etc...).

Nathaniel: Just seen this, a Foundation TV Series?
(( Skydance Television is closing a deal with the Asimov estate to try turning Foundation into a sprawling TV series.))

Call for submissions for science fiction and utopian imaginaries


Post-Science / Next Age Fantasy

I forgot to attach the photo! I entered my little guy in the costume parade as Baby Lem and I was his dragon wrangler 😊

Regarding Ep. 297 of @swordandlaser : how about scotch butterscotch? I know you eventually went there but...


The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin

Book kickoff!


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