S&L Podcast - #304 - Westeros for SciFi Fans

We say goodbye to Brian W. Aldiss by reading one of his books. We respect Terry Pratchett's Steamroller wishes. And why Hey Jude is not an anachronism. 

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Nick: British SF author Brian Aldiss, author of the Helliconia Trilogy and Super-Toys Last All Summer Long (which became the film AI Artificial Intelligence), has died. Three of his books appear on the Gollancz Sci-fi Masterworks list.    

Iain: BBC Obituary for Brian Aldiss  
Nekroskop: Terry Pratchett's unfinished works got steamrollered.    
Aaron: San Diego (California) has decided to start a book festival.  
Silvana: Kameron Hurley offered to write the now-dead reboot of Xena: Warrior Princess. While I don't see any need to reboot this classic series, I'd love to see Kameron Hurley's take on it.
Veronica: Super-interesting article about buying your way onto the NYT best seller list.
Shad: The Oathbringer prologue is up on tor.com. Wasn't expecting the prologue to be that POV. Answers a few questions and poses quite a few more.
Genesee: Another trilogy in the Shades of Magic world by VE Schwab.
On book reviews: Is Goodreads that bad?
Sword & Laser's 100 Books: The Stats
September Pick: Helliconia Spring by Brian W. Aldiss    
Book briefing
David: Adam Whitehead (of Wertzone) just posted an article about Helliconia, comparing it a bit to Game of Thrones
The Gunslinger by Stephen King
What's the deal with "Hey Jude"?
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