S&L Podcast - # 305 - Major in Martin Studies

The Martin Studies International Network will help you study Westeros better, Scott Lynch gives hope for the next Locke Lamora book and sadly, we lose a great one in Jerry Pournelle,

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Silvana: The Martin Studies International Network is launched! Yes, that Martin. I might join just for the heck of it. (and comments about The Winds of Winter in three....two....one....) 
Terpkristin: Dragon Awards for 2017 were announced over the weekend. 
Some books that I'm sure people around here liked. 
Andy: Scott Lynch updates the Helsinki Times on the status of The Thorn of Emberlain (via The Wertzone) Looks like we may get The Thorn of Emberlain in 2018 and the Scott Lynch lets us know some interesting details moving forward. Emberlain will be Locke and Jean's new base for a few books and we have a clue to the story. Enjoy. Click through to the Helsinki Times, it has a new photo of Scott with his magnificent beard"
Clyde: Jerry Pournelle has died. He is one of my favorite writers, and he will be missed.
Coinage of the Realm - cool words from SFF stories
What are the darkest sci-fi/ fantasy stories not including Dystopias and post apocalyptic stories?
Obama and The Witcher (Veronica sez "TIL!")
September Pick: Helliconia Spring by Brian W. Aldiss
Book briefing
From Dara: What about his brother, Ryan Alldat? (I hate myself)    😆
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